Schattenwand 5S by Niebling

Your 5S shadowboard

Your company, your individual shadow board

Every company has different needs that will be considered designing your shadow board. Your input and the experience we gained for many years comes down to the one layout that answers your purposes a 100 percent.
Here’s an example to show how your 5S shadow board could look like. For personal consultig, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

shadow board 5S layout


Label of the organizational unit
(plant, derpartment, product line, machine, etc.)

Multilevel color coding
to define the application area of all cleaning tools in up to 11 colors
shadow board 5S color coding

Your  company logo

Printing of advices, notes, warnings
(according to your needs and wishes)

Individual equipping of the shadow board
to meet your companies’ demands:
– high quality cleaning tools and brushes
– x-ray and magnetic detectable equipment (Niebling Detect)
– conductive / antistatic ESD Programm
– custom solutions for your own equipment

Individual placement on the shadow board
for optimized control and overview

Unqiue product numbers
for instant product recognition in case of damage or loss

Shadow Board
bonded with one-piece polymer foil

one-piece printed foil (shadows won’t peel off)

Unicum number
identifikation number for your Niebling 5S shadow board only




Beside equipping and designing the surface of your 5S shadow board we offer a range of mounting variiations. We’re having the perfect solution for hygienic uncritical environments up to the usage in highly sensible areas and clean rooms.