Schattenwand 5S by Niebling

Wall mounted “FLEX”

Designed for hygienically sensible areas and high humidty

This version of our shadowboard is kept away from the wall which ensures air circulation and increases hygiene.
The frame is hanging on wall fixed mounts which makes cleaning of both, board and the wall itself very easy.

Stainless steel brackets are mounted to the wall that carries the 5S storage system. The frame with rubber-cushioned bolts sits in precisely drilled slots on the bracket.
Adjustable bolts on the lower part of the frame make sure the board doesn’t hang unfirmly at the wall.

The frame additionally gains additional stability from cross struts. These struts also work as an enforcement for the wall rails holding all hooks and mounts for your equipment.

The L-section stainless steel frame and the Shadow board of your 5S sytem “FLEX” by Niebling comes preassembled.

Niebling 5S Shadow Board Flex