Schattenwand 5S by Niebling

Cleaning brushes and -systems (HACCP)

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Cleaningbrushes and -systems

Minimize riscs with color coding:
Schattenwand 5S Farbkreis

Our products are available in up to 11 colors.
Using defined colors for diefferent  application areas helps to seperate cleaning equipment to avoid cross-contamination. Minimized hygiene, minimize riscs.


Common seperation models:
• Each deparment has a defined color (physical separation)
• Defined color for every area of contact e.g. floor, machine, wall and so on (separation of cleaning zones)
• Every product has a defined color (product-specific separation)

6-sided connection with outside thread:
SixSafe logo

Our 6-sided connection with outside thread (Six-Safe) ensures a very sturdy link between handle and attachment.


Niebling Sixsafe Stielverbindung


Filaments / Trimming material:
Polyester (PBT) as well as Polypropylen (PP) are suitable for all common cleaning compounds. The bristles don’t soak up liquids and keep their shape also after contact with hot water. The bundles of bristles are rooted with stainless steel clamps which is the most durable fixation.

Brush body:
The brush bodies are made of closed cell Polypropylen (PP) which supports the fixation of the bristle bundles perfectly. The even and dirt-repellant surface without angles and edges avoids microorganisms to settle and grow.

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