Schattenwand 5S by Niebling

Equipping your 5S shadowboard

Your one-stop shop for cleaning equipment

The equipping is selected 100% to your demands and the purpose of your Niebling 5S shadowboard and it’s environment. Depending on the application there are almost unlimited combinations possible.

Schattenwand 5S Farbkreis


Our cleaning tools are available in up to 11 colors. The color coding ensure strict separation of the areas of use on one shadow board and maximizes hygiene for products and the entire company.


Niebling Bürsten Besten und mehr


The standard cleaning tool range is defined by its quality far over avarage. Our extra-wide range of products of brushes, brooms, scrubs and many, many more cleaning tools ensures you can select anything that is of importance for your company. [more information…]



Niebling Detect


“Detect by Niebling” meets all requirements of IFS (International Feature Standard) and helps to certify your company to manufacture and work according to the HACCP concept. [more information…]


Niebling ESD


Niebling’s ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) product range is called into action whereever electrostatic charges is an issue. Sparks are avoided and charges are discharged. [more information…]


Custom solutions: Often work-related, very specific items and tools have to be stored on a shadow board, too. Our experience makes us a perfect partner to find the best solution in such cases. For personal consultation please contact our team.